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Pipe Cap (H-SCA)

  • Precision pipe fittings for instrumentation and process control
  • Fine threads constructed to ensure leak-free & reliable systems
  • Male threads are protected with plastic cap
  • Various materials including SS316, Brass and Carbon steel
  • Many choice of connections and configurations are available
  • Female NPT

Part Number Dimension
H (Hex)
Pipe Size
H-SCA-2N19.1 mm 14.2 mm 1/8"
H-SCA-4N22.9 mm 19.05 mm 1/4"
H-SCA-6N26.2 mm 22.2 mm 3/8"
H-SCA-8N34.0 mm 26.9 mm 1/2"
H-SCA-12N36.6 mm 31.8 mm 3/4"
H-SCA-16N41.1 mm 41.2 mm 1"
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