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Sure Ring against over tight (CCL)

Hy-Lok Sure Ring Is especially useful when you Install Hy-Lok fittings in a small space such as a cabinet where it is practically impossible to apply the standard installation procedures. (i.e., 1 1/4 turns or 3/4 turns from finger tight).

It ensures sufficient tightening and protects over-tightening, For installation, insert Sure Ring between the nut and the body before assembly, and then tighten the nut until being blocked by the sure ring.


Part Number Tube O.D. (D)
CCL-2 1/8"
3.17 mm
CCL-4 1/4"
6.35 mm
CCL-6 3/8"
9.52 mm
CCL-8 1/2"
12.70 mm
CCL-12 3/4"
19.05 mm
CCL-16 1"
25.40 mm


Part Number Tube O.D. (D)
CCL-3M3 mm
CCL-6M6 mm
CCL-10M10 mm
CCL-12M12 mm
CCL-18M18 mm
CCL-20M20 mm
CCL-25M25 mm
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