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Snubbagauge ® - The Pressure Gauge For Shock and Surge Problems

Model - 632 Snubbagauge ® (100mm,4” Direct Mounted (Standard))
The Snubbagauge ® is available in all our applicable configurations,

A special machined piston which has been installed in the socket of the pressure gauge gives perfect resistance to shocks and surges. It does not interfere with the safety features of the instrument.

In combination with the Vibragauge ® the gauge will give excellent performance where, vibrations, shocks, and surges would normally shorten the life of a pressure gauge.
Snubbagauge ® has undergone rigorous testing.
The Snubbagauge is available as follows :

  • 1000 Bar MAX for 1/2" Threads
  • 700 Bar MAX for 1/4" Threads
Gauges are supplied with 4 different pistons marked (01,02,03,04,) each having different diameters, to ensure desirable elasticity. These are intended for use in the following applications :
  • 01 - Light gases
  • 02 - Air / Steam
  • 03 - Water
  • 04 - Light Oil

Changing pistons to secure the best results is a simple matter. This is formulated by the removal and replacement of the shank plug. It should be noted that the piston size will depend on the operating temperature and actual medium being used. Therefore the above is intended as a guide only. As a standard the gauge will be fitted with piston type 02.

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