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Vibragauge ®

Model - 632,Vibragauge ® (100mm,4” Direct Mounted (Standard))
The Vibragauge ® is available in all our applicable configurations

This gauge has been specially developed to meet the problem of excessive vibration which is the biggest single contributory factor in limiting the life of the instrument. It also helps to protect against the problems associated with rapid surge or loss in pressure and trying to obtain an accurate reading from a fluttering pointer.

The answer is in the Vibragauge ® special mechanical linkage which slows down the fluctuations of the pointer spindle thereby preventing the above conditions from causing rapid wear on the quadrant which gives greatly extended life and cost savings in the long term. It can be considered as a suitable alternative to Glycerine filled instruments. The Vibragauge ® is available in all our bourdon tube gauges.

If you have had trouble finding the answer to this problem specify Vibragauge ® - the economical solution. Independent tests have proved that it works.

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