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Cost effective and clean looking, series AR-A regulators offer various pressure range settings to accommodate most applications. The locking adjustment knob prevents accidental setting changes. The modular design of the AR-A series connects with other SMC air preparation equipment. data sheet

Cost effective and clean looking, series AR regulators offer various pressure range settings to accommodate most applications. The locking adjustment knob prevents accidental setting changes. The modular design of the AR series connects with other SMC air preparation equipment.

This latest range of compressed air supply components feature integral, non rotating, pressure gauges inside a unique adjustable handle thereby eliminating the need to install separate pressure controls.Offering excellent visibility, Series ACG/ARG/AWG can be clearly seen and adjusted even when mounted in those difficult areas such as close to the floor, or even when side mounted high up a wall. data sheet

Miniature regulator series ARJ is part of SMC's pressure control equipment line. The ARJ series is available with or without one-touch fittings depending on the model type. All models come standard as direct operated relieving style. Two mounting thread options are available on the ARJ210 & ARJ310 series. ARJ1020F comes standard with M5 threads. Options include bracket, pressure gauge, and manifold base (depending on model). data sheet

Regulator manifold series ARM is available in standard size 1000 & 2000 and the modular style is available in sizes 2500 & 3000. Standard models are available with 4 connection methods and have backflow function availability. Modular styles can be freely mounted on a manifold station and have easy set up using the new handle. ARM5 series is a compact manifold regulator with Centralized and Individual Supply Type and Single Unit Type. 2 mounting types are available, DIN rail mount and Direct mount. Fitting type and size can be selected.

Series ARM5 can be directly or DIN rail mounted, and uses many of the same key features as the larger models in the ARM range, such as a backflow function as standard, a single unit type and an optional built-in pressure gauge. However this new, extremely compact series now includes a low 0.35 MPa pressure set option and the removable one-touch fittings can be changed to accommodate tube sizes of 4, 6 or 8 mm.With further options including centralised and individual supply types, this new compact ARM5 offers similar space, maintenance and time saving benefits as the existing ARM range. data sheet

Series ARP now offers several advantages over previous SMC models including a decrease in air consumption by up to 80% compared to previous models - less than 1 ?/min (ANR) at 0,4 MPa - more precise pressure adjustment - repeatability is within ±1% and sensitivity is now within 0,2% of Full Scale.Further benefits of this new modular regulator range include digital pressure gauges fitted as standard and reverse flow functionality. data sheet

Series IR Precision Regulators are designed to be compact and light weight. The maximum set pressure has been expanded from the conventional 0.7MPa to 0.8MPa. Relief flow has been increased by nearly 5 times (compared to SMC IR201, IR401). The optional bracket and pressure gauge can be mounted on either the front or back of the unit. data sheet

The IRV series vacuum regulator was developed to upgrade the design of the T203 model in a more compact size and to expand the range of vacuum regulators. Thread sizes available include Rc(PT), NPT and G(PF). data sheet

Series ARX20, piston type regulator, is compatible with a primary supply pressure of 2.0MPa and is ideal for pressure adjustment of air blowing applications. The ARX has a compact design with a width of 35mm and an overall length of 80mm. The piston operated design ensures long operating life. The ARX has an easy-to-operate adjustment handle. data sheet

Process Industry and PET machine builder's requests for both 2 and 3 port, pilot operated, solenoid valves, with high pressure performance are now answered with the launch of SMC's latest Series VCH range.Designed for use with air or inert gas, these new valves can operate up to a maximum pressure of 5.0 MPa thereby substantially exceeding SMC's existing VXH high pressure series. With large flow passages, and ISO1179-1 conforming port thread sizes of G1/2 to G1, high flow rates are ensured and due to a reduction in the overall volume of the pilot chamber their responsiveness can now only be measured in milliseconds.Additionally, the VCH range offers enclosure protection equivalent to IP65 and a DIN type electrical connector as standard and due to its unique collision-less armature construction, with rubber buffers and urethane diaphragm, early indications have confirmed that the valves operation life time will exceed 10 million cycles.Currently the VCH Series is available in four different valve configurations; 2 port valve normally closed - VCH41, 2 port valve normally open - VCH 42, our 3 port option - VCH410, plus a check valve - VCHC40. data sheet

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