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Hy-Lok Purge valves are for bleed, vent or drain purpose manually. The knurled cap is not separable from the valve body for safety purpose. 1/4 turns of wrench pull-up from finger tight give leak-free closure on first make-up. Proper tightening with a wrench secures closure to the desired pressure rate with sufficient make-ups.
  • Pressure rating up to 4000 psig (275 bar) for 316 stainless steel and up to 3000 psig (206 bar) for Carbon Steel and Brass at 100°F (38°C)
  • Temperature rating from -65°F to 600°F (-54°C to 315°C) with Stainless Steel from -65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 204°C) with carbon steel,
    from -20°F to 350°F (-29°C to 177°C) with brass
  • Vent hole is bleeds excessive liquid or gas from system lines
  • Knurled cap is crimped to valve body for prevents accidental remove from body
  • Size range from 1/8" thru 1/2" tubing and piping system
  • Variety of end connections including Hy-Lok tube fittings, male/Female NPT and ISO, SAE threads
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